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Product Type: Ceiling Arms \nColour: Brushed Nickel \nMaterial: Brass \nWELS Rating N/AL/min \n \nBRINGING TOGETHER THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF A GREAT SHOWER. \n \nAdd new dimensions to your showering: with the Deluxe Bath & Kitchenware Select overhead showers. Installed on the wall of your shower, the refreshing water is distributed over your whole body. It adds modern touches to the bathroom. \n \nLuxurious, Deluxe Bath & Kitchenware showering from a Rain shower head . With a Rain shower head system, that’s exactly what you get. \n \nRainshower systems bring together the essential elements of a great shower, plus a host of other benefits to enhance your comfort and pleasure. With a full metal Rainshower head shower as well as Rainshower Allure head showers – you will enjoy the luxurious wide Rainshower head \n \nOur advanced showers are designed to deliver great precision and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle. Deluxe Bath & Kitchenware showers give you a ultimate experience every time.



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