LINK Vanity - WHITE - Custom Vanity

Product Details

The LINK vanity is popular to make out of the ordinary size vanities whilst serving its purpose for a double bowl 1500mm too. Offset, singular or parallel, the LINK can meet a whole range of specifications to suit your needs.

Codes, Sizes &

LINK-300W (300mm) $329.00
LINK-600W (600mm) $699.00
LINK-750W (750mm) $799.00
LINK-900W (900mm) $899.00
LINK-1200W (1200mm) $1,199.00
LINK-1500W (1500mm) $1,499.00
LINK-1800W (1800mm) $1,799.00
LINK-2100W (2100mm) $2,099.00
LINK-2400W (2400mm) $2,399.00
LINK-2700W (2700mm) $2,699.00



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