Frameless Shower

Product Details

• Treated safety glass, featuring easy clean coating

• Can be installed directly on tiles, acrylic tray or  with an acrylic liner

• High-quality stainless steel handle and hardware, the bracing system included

• Optional black or silver handle or finger pull design • Profiles give tolerance for non-plumb walls

• Magnetic seals and hinge panel seals optional

• 8mm thick hinged door & side panel, 10mm thick return

• FULL PACKAGE INCLUDES: Shower Glass, Shower Tray, Waste, Acrylic Wall Liner

  • VTS-R1290 : 1150-1210x860x2000mm Match with D-1290CR or VGT-ST1290  
  • VTS-R1280 : 1150-1210x760x2000mm Match with D-1280CR or VGT-ST1280  
  • VTS-S10 : 910-950x960x2000mm Match with D-1010CR or VGT-S10  
  • VTS-S90 : 850-910x860x2000mm Match with D-9090CR or VGT-S10
  • VTS-R1290 FULL PACKAGE: 1150-1210x860x2000mm Includes D-1290CR or VGT-ST1290  
  • VTS-R1280 FULL PACKAGE : 1150-1210x760x2000mm Includes D-1280CR or VGT-ST1280  
  • VTS-S10 FULL PACKAGE: 910-950x960x2000mm Includes D-1010CR or VGT-S10  
  • VTS-S90 FULL PACKAGE: 850-910x860x2000mm Includes D-9090CR or VGT-S10
  • VTS-R1290-DOOR : 1150 – 1200x2000mm
  • VTS-S10-DOOR : 950 – 1000x2000mm
  • VTS-S90-DOOR : 850 – 900x2000mm 



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