Daphne Wall Hung 2 Drawer Vanity

Product Details

This is an ultra-modern wall-hung style vanity: an elegant white, tilting and thin edge basin integrated countertop makes a gorgeous accompaniment to blonde tone cabinet consiste of a vertical block of two symmetrical, wide and deep drawers. Making full use of high-end technology to improve the comfort and convenience is the idea we always adhere to.

High grade MDF and PBD timber components in stunning wood finish with distinct and realistic woodgrains. Characters: • high moisture resistant.

• High durability
• Stain resistant
• UV stable

Options of dimensions

• L600 x W600 x D460mm
• L800 x W600 x D460mm
• L1000 x W600 x D460mm
• L1200 x W600 x D460mm

Premium polymable Basin



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