Cork wood

Cork wood

Product Details

Tiles Size: 200 X 1000
Sq Mt/Box: 1
Box/Pallet: 36
 Sq Mt/Pallet: 36
Tiles/Box: 1
No of Pallets: 2
Total Sq Mt:  78

Cork wood tiles for floors and walls, the large slab dimensions of The Size lend an air of elegance and sophistication to any room. Drawing rooms look more regal, bedrooms exude luxury, and dining rooms feel like a banquet. Deluxe Bath & Kitchenware expressing design Stylish stoneware collections, colours and combinations devised to astound and to tile today’s Design settings. 

Check out digital tiles for bathroom as it comes with high frost resistance and the ability to absorb moisture. Create a seamless look with large-sized digital tiles making the space look bigger and better. These are easy to maintain tiles that also ensure hygienic living.Tiles interpreting tactile and sensual emotions and feelings, the perfect choice for those who are more responsive to the shapes and colours of nature. Materials thought for a welcoming, natural and soft bathroom, for a trendy and sophisticated living style able to blend with any space.

Deluxe Bath & Kitchenware Offers an unmatched breadth of impeccable style and high performance boutique tiles



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